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clachic 2022 got started!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Happy New Year 2022!

Last year, the corona wreck had a great impact on social life, 7 projects were successfully completed and 3 projects got started. thanks to everyone!!

It was also a special year for clachic when I was able to set up a studio in Omachi, Kamakura, and even though I was busy, I was able to take on lots of challenges. However, the price of building materials continued to rise at a monthly pace, and the efforts of the construction shop and the design side could not cover it. Land is also depleted and risky land is being traded at high prices. In order to build a house based on a solid budget plan in such a state, I think that it is really necessary to have a partner who can walk together based on trust.

As a designer, I strongly believe that we cannot overcome this difficulty without building a house with customers who can walk together as a team with a trusting relationship, rather than building a house with all customers. For that reason, I think we must continue to build a solid wooden house that clachic thinks about and send it to our customers. This year, the showroom of KIBARI, a commercialized house that I will be involved in as a team, will open in front of Tamaplaza Station. Washed by the waves of wood shock, the timber situation in Japan is not just domestic timber, but it seems that the key to the future will be which forest to connect to. Being fascinated by Shinshu larch, I would like to move forward with 木愛 (kiai, love of wood) to see how far I can walk with larch.

hilo yamamoto

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