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CSH25 The literary Hut completed

A series of completions and deliveries in May and July.

The literary hut, which had a relatively tight construction period, was also successfully completed.

The second floor living room with garage is located on a hill in Kita-Kamakura.

Compared to my own residence in Jyujisho, a pleasant breeze blows up from under the mountain. Even in the same Kamakura, the difference in the breezy environment is astonishing.

Here, you can always open the windows and enjoy a pleasant life.

We installed whole-house air conditioning at the request of the client, but it is so comfortable that we will probably only use it in winter.

From the latter half of August, only the exterior work remains. This time, we are planning to add a symbolic tree full of natural flavor, such as a sawtooth oak.

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