How to start your dream home

design work 01: From hearing before the contract to proposing a primary plan

Proposals (2-3 times) of the primary plan (basic plan) up to before the design contract, including hearings from customers, site surveys and confirmation of relevant laws and regulations, will be paid (tax not included 50,000 yen) We are. By intentionally paying for it, we can propose a realistic plan that fits the budget that fits in the land, including laws and site surveys, and it will also lead to a relationship of trust with customers who are important for home building.


design work 02: We carry out on-site management in a lump sum from basic planning, implementation planning and application work to delivery.

From a basic plan that summarizes basic ideas such as housing to application for building confirmation, creation of implementation drawings necessary for construction, and management of total construction cost to on-site supervision that confirms whether construction is done exactly according to the drawing Will be performed. Since we have been in contact with our customers for more than 9 months in the design work, collective supervision also leads to a sense of security in building a home.


design work 03: Design costs are generally 12-15%, and it is not surprising that the threshold is high.

The design contract fee is around 7-8% of the total construction cost. It depends on the license application required in the area where you live, the building that requires structural calculation, the calculation of seismic rating, optional work such as flat 35 other than the license application.

design work 04: Collaboration with a construction shop leads to a house proposal that emphasizes cost.

We recommend a construction company ( Baumstanf Co., Ltd. average price of 730,000-780,000) that has a proven track record in Shonan, which specializes in houses using natural materials (204, conventional construction method) . A construction company that is strong in the Shonan region, which has a long-standing cooperation and a severe environment for buildings such as salt damage and typhoons, can provide customers with high quality housing, and can present a realistic budget even at the stage of proposing the primary plan. I can do it.


design work 05: It is important to find a land that is conscious of the way of living by utilizing the local real estate network.

Of course, the real estate search based on the cost balance in the loan, the sun, ventilation, commuting to school, humidity, cliffs, old retaining walls ... Knowledge of Shonan living is also an important item for real estate search. We will not only give advice to the people who live by looking for such land, but also renovate old houses and introduce properties in the desired area by partner real estate agents. Please feel free to contact us including land search and survey of existing houses.