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Our Philosophy

We will always pursue the coolness unique to Shonan, as well as the presence and functionality of a home that is required over time, and aim for a "living with a home" that is transmitted to children.



+be chic


Commitment to space

The climate of Shonan is mild even in the whole country, however there is much moisture and salt damage from the sea. The sea breeze that passes through the window is cool, and the most enjoyable thing about Shonan Life is that you can enjoy the open life with bare foot. The greatest design point of Classic is the space where you can enjoy the light and wind of Shonan to the maximum extent.

Commitment to material

The Shonan standard, Shinshu larch wood with a lot of oil content and excellent weather resistance is adopted. In addition to the beauty of the grain and aging, the combination of 15 or more colors is an appearance that fits well with the landscape while asserting individuality. We are particular about the materials that Shinshu's material producers connect to, and we want to continue to provide high-quality larch to our homes 100 years into the future.

Commitment to structure

A two-by-four construction method that has excellent earthquake resistance, heat insulation and airtightness, and can create a large space.
You can build a wooden house in the semi-fireproof area by using not only the ventilation method that is familiar with the climate of Shonan but also the structural surface material.
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