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"We aim to continue using 100% of the existing mountain trees."


Most of the homes of the framework wall construction method (commonly known as two-by-four), which has increased rapidly since the liberalization of timber tariffs in 1964, are more dependent on imported materials than those of conventional construction methods. It is said that 67% of the national land is forest, but 80% of the forest is not used, domestic forestry declines, and not only the inactivation of the region but also the slump in the price of domestic timber, the problems of mountain villages and marginal settlements, forest disasters, etc. It is also the cause of. Japan's timber self-sufficiency rate is gradually rising, but remains at about 30%.

Now that the mountains of Japan have reached the stage of maturity, we would like to increase the use of domestic timber for two-by-four housing. Although it is a two-by-four house with a solid structure, the domestic timber that can be used is limited and the trees cannot be seen due to the structural specifications of the large wall. Therefore, we are considering using domestically produced timber for structural materials and outer wall materials . At present, we are proposing the Shinshu larch wood for the exterior wall material, some interior material flooring, and the Yamizo cedar of the Yamizoyama system for some structural materials (vertical frame material) . Especially with regard to the outer wall made of Shinshu larch, the aging that changes over time creates a familiar taste and landscape with the home.


Until Shinshu larch wood becomes outer wall material T & T

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