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      SOMAMICHI     Encounter with Shinshu Larch


Enter the mountains and live with trees.
Somamichi is a path that foresters have been passing through for generations. While gazing at a modern society while walking along this mountain path, people sometimes feel that it is better to live closer to the mountains. 
Even if it takes time and effort, it may be possible to lead to true happiness, in which living with the bounty of the mountains carefully takes a long time.

We, Soma-michi, have begun to work together with foresters, processors, and builders who think so. The road leading to the mountains by the ancestors who once carried seedlings. This time the finely grown timber goes to the town and lives to create a social system that uses trees.

The members of Somamichi have a common idea that they want to use more Shinshu trees. Mountain owners want to cherish the inherited forests and the trees they have carefully cultivated. 

Foresters want the wood they harvest to be loved in place. Lumber processors want to make products from domestic, regional timber if possible. A construction company wants to create a house whose production area is known, from structural materials to interior materials. The designer wants to provide a building that carefully examines the materials.


we believe this is a meaningful job for society in the future to hold hands together to overcome each hurdle in front of you. Aiming for a society that grows mountains and forests and produces timber from them, as is natural. As a resource that can be created, a resource that can make the environment beautiful. 

We will carefully review the universal value of wood and create a path that will be useful in our daily lives.

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