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The House of Sunshine in Kamakura

The House of Sunshine is located in a valley near Onari Junior High School from Wadazuka Sta. in Kamakura. Construction has started without a hitch, and we were able to celebrate the rise of the house. Mr. and Mrs. K had thought that building a house would take a long time, but after the ceremony, they felt again how quickly it had gone by.

It may be that the long wait for the building of a once-in-a-lifetime home makes it seem like a long time. However, when you see the house being built and transformed by the various craftsmen involved, it may feel as if it happened in a moment.

It usually takes 4 months for planning and 6 months for construction. however 10 months in a lifetime is really a very short time. I hope that they will enjoy this fleeting time with their families.

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