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October before we know it

Before you know it, it will be raining

Before you know it, it will be extremely hot

And before we knew it, it was autumn.

Before I knew it, it was autumn.

Maybe the end of the year will come like that.

Thankfully, the second half of the "#clachic" season has been just as busy as the first half. New construction, additions, renovations, and maintenance requests from old customers are fueling the rising prices, but the housing industry is only getting busier.

I can't wait for Corona to end and I can't wait to talk to our customers with the mask off.

Starting in June, we began filming for Seisho Clachic House (Oiso), the handover of Southern House (Chigasaki), Coastin House (Shichirigahama), and HouseA in Hayama, Spinning House (Kugenuma), the start of construction of Sasame House (Kamakura), and the groundbreaking ceremony for Casablanca (Kugenuma) coming up next month. Also, we will start construction of an addition to the house in Tokiwa (Kamakura) by the end of this year, which is just like a rush of houses.

As you can see, the client's dreams never come in same way. I also would like to create the best house for our future customers.

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